New Leaf Esthetics (NLE) is officially re-opening in are new space Monday June 1st

Krystle here I have missed you all and I am so excited to welcome everyone into my new location for New Leaf Esthetics!  At heart, my priority is to reintroduce spa back into your life in the safest manor possible for you, our community and me. 

The world has changed since we were last together and it’s undeniable that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed sanitation and hygiene practices at the spa and every aspect of our life! With some simple but very effective measures, we can ensure the safety of our community AND enjoy some much-needed self-care.  I want to take the opportunity to share with you how NLE is implementing recommendations from Public Health Agency of Canada and Government of Yukon.

Practicing the 6 steps to staying safe

  1. Physical Distancing-Keep 2 meters (6 feet away from everyone)
  2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  3. Stay home if you are feeling sick.
  4. Don’t gather in groups of more than 10 and remember 2 meters (6 feet apart)
  5. Limit travel to rural communities
  6. Self Isolate if you have just returned to the community or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid 19

#1 Physical Distancing

  • Clients will maintain a 2 meter (6 feet distance from each other in the Spa)
  • Added signs throughout the spa to remind and give visual cues for safe distancing
  • Clients must attend their appointment alone, unless they are accompanying a minor who is receiving services.
  • Schedule appointments online on our website at or over the phone by text or call at 867 335-1388.  (I am more than happy to walk you through an online booking)
  • When you arrive to stay in your vehicle or outside the facility until I waive you into the spa.

#2 Cleanliness:

  • On top of industry standard, Routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces with increased frequency with particular attention to door handles, counters and surfaces touched by clients and myself.   
  • Between each service, all frequently touched surfaces in the room are disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizing stations for use immediately upon arrival and
  • Hand washing sinks and soap available in the spa.
  • Signs at hand washing stations to remind everyone to wash hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

# 3 Stay At Home if You Are Sick

  • Clients exhibiting symptoms of covid 19 will be refused entrance to the spa
  • A self-assessment will be sent with your appointment reminder to complete and return to NLE.
  • If you are having symptoms of Covid 19, you must cancel or reschedule your appointment.

#4 Don’t Gather in groups of more than 10

  • Limiting the number of people within the spa to 3 including myself –this also helps to maintain social distancing practices within the spa

#5 Limit Travel to Rural Communities

  • Have you traveled?

#6 Self Isolate

  • Clients will be asked in there confirmation email and upon entry to the spa to assess themselves for and Covid-19 symptoms or if they have recently traveled outside the community including date and isolation time.

Lastly, there will be a Covid 19 charge of $5, Added to each client’s bill.  If you come to your appointment with your own mask, I will give a $2 discount.  This extra fee is to help mitigate the additional costs associated with operating during Covid 19.  For example, cost of masks, having to add a longer buffer time for cleaning between clients, sanitizing supplies which have also doubled in cost to name a few.  In future, this cost may be removed if all these extra costs are gone.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding I look forward to serving you all again!

Sincerely, Krystle Pelletier